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Dillon Keister
UX Researcher

Site under construction. Pardon my dust. Thanks!

Researcher. Designer. Collaborator.
Artist. Musician. Builder.

Informing accessible experiences from Chicago, Illinois.

Curious and creative, I am a self-motivated mixed-methods UX researcher with user empathy out the wazoo. I design, run, and analyze generative, formative, and evaluative research to identify, understand, and address user needs throughout the digital experience design process. I collaborate with designers, developers, and product teams to create useful, accessible, desirable, and easy-to-use products and flows. I'm passionate about community building, advocating for human rights in the technological sphere, and finding opportunities for joy in design and everyday life.

Currently with Hyland Software.

Voice Hero Sq.png

Voice Goals

Trans Voice Training App

A gamified voice training tool designed to help trans women stay motivated throughout their vocal transition. Track accomplishments and long-term progress with awards and easy-to-digest data visualizations.

Check out the case study

Queer Hero Sq.png

Queer in the Midwest

Community Podcast App

A standalone podcast app for mobile, designed through a simulated GV-style sprint for one program's fanbase to listen in and find community with each other through gamified social interactions.

Check out the case study

Go-Tap Hero Sq.png


Public Transit App

A minimalist bus schedule look-up app for mobile, designed for a mid-sized Midwestern city's new public transit information system. A fictional build built on real rider data.

Check out the case study

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Angela Davis

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