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Selected Work

I love learning and playing around with different design process styles. I want to experiment, think outside the box, and come up with something fun, stream-lined, and functional. These days, even the biggest brands need to bring their personality to the user experience, and I want to help you put your best foot forward with your target audience.

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Voice Goals

Trans Voice Training App

A gamified voice training tool designed to help trans women stay motivated throughout their vocal transition. Track accomplishments and long-term progress with awards and easy-to-digest data visualizations.

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Queer in the Midwest

Community Podcast App

A standalone podcast app for mobile, designed through a simulated GV-style sprint for one program's fanbase to listen in and find community with each other through gamified social interactions.

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Public Transit App

A minimalist bus schedule look-up app for mobile, designed for a mid-sized Midwestern city's new public transit information system. A fictional build built on real rider data.

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